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David M. Kaufmann, CPA

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Status Of Tax Refund (You will need the exact amount of the refund & filing status.) Wait at least three weeks after filing the return before checking on this.

The IRS Website - Often useful information

Colorado Refund Status

Colorado Account Status

 Equifax Credit Watch - To be notified when there are changes to your credit report. This could tip you off to Identity Theft.

Thrift Store Values for non-cash contributions.

Colorado Unclaimed Property - Do you have property that the State of Colorado has taken because a bank account was inactive for too long or a safe deposit box was forgotten about?

Colorado Sales Tax Rates.

CollegeInvest Colorado's 529 Plan

Per Diem Rates.

Warren Buffett's 2009 Letter To Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Employee Vs Independent Contractor - 19 Point Test

Bank Name from Routing Number

EFTPS -- Make US and state tax payments electronically.

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