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We can prepare tax returns as far back as 2003.  Over 60% of our clients are estates, trusts, beneficiaries of estates and trusts or receive K-1s.   Quite a few of our new clients have extended their tax returns, and we complete the returns after April 15.  A large portion of our practice is working with individuals that have brokerage accounts, need assistance with an IRS notice or IRS audit, have rental properties, businesses of their own, K-1s,  Alternative Minimum Tax situations, work in more than 1 state, year - to - year fluctuations of income, or have simply out grown TurboTax.

Our attitude about the services and advice that we provide for you is quite simple.  We want to give you the same advice and assistance that we would like to receive, if we were in your shoes.

Status Of US and Colorado Tax Refund (You will need your tax return(s).)

 American Institute Of CPAs Tax Division,
Colorado Society Of CPAs


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39 Years of professional tax experience.
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Consider a CPA that works mostly in the tax field, such as myself, if you have:

Other CPAs call me dozens of times a year to get help with difficult tax issues!

Please do not hesitate to call me to setup an introductory meeting.

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Your price is based on complexity and organization. I would have to see your documents before I could give you a firm quote. I have been doing professional tax work since 1978.  I am at least 40% higher than the guys from H&R Block and Liberty, most of whom have been doing tax work for 3-4 months.


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